Shelby Savage


Three things to know about me:

I wear a lot of black & white. 

I drink a lot of coffee.

I believe in being passionate.




Hello there! My name is Shelby Savage and I am a student designer here in Austin, TX.

I never take myself too seriously (I love to laugh), but I take my work very seriously.

The most important part of my design process is not fearing failure, to me failure is a positive step forward in solving a design problem. In order to fail you must not be afraid to change or take chances. I thrive in change and I am never turned away by learning something completely new!

My design stems from my passion, my passion is fueled by classic films, obsession with tiny details, and finding the beauty in simplicity.  

If you ever want to get a cup of coffee, talk about film, or anything  your passionate about (this could even be the show your currently binge watching) let’s get together! 





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